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This courtroom exchange reported in the San Francisco Chronicle. Here's the condensed version:

Expert Witness: I've researched child development for 40 years. I once ran a section of the National Institutes of Health, and I'm now chairman of the department of social and developmental psychology at Cambridge University in England.

"Protect Marriage" Lawyer: And what does the research show?

Expert Witness: It shows that gays and lesbians are just as good parents as heterosexuals. There's no evidence that they're prone to gender confusion or likely to abuse their children or raise their daughters to be lesbians. There are only two differences between kids raised by same-sex parents and other kids: they're more likely to be bullied by their peers, and less likely to have stereotyped attitudes about gender.

"Protect Marriage" Lawyer: Research says all that?

Expert Witness: Yes.

"Protect Marriage" Lawyer: Well--you're a member of the ACLU and the National Organization for Women, aren't you?

Expert Witness: Uh--yes, but I don't see--

"Protect Marriage" Lawyer: And you've donated money to PBS, haven't you?

Expert Witness: Yes.

"Protect Marriage" Lawyer: Ha! Thus I refute this testimony, Your Honor. This "expert" is a committed liberal. Nothing he says should be taken seriously. History is littered with scientific theories universally accepted and proven to be wrong.

(End of Act I. In Act II, PML is confronted with some scientific theories that were proven wrong, like the geocentric universe, creation in six days, and four-footed insects.)
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